Hello, my name is John and my passion is flying and training all Birds of Prey

For over 30 years I've been lucky enough to train and fly a variety of birds of prey for my Hobby at weekends on land with the kind permission of it's owners.


Seven years ago I was given the "Life changing" chance to turn my long term hobby I love into a full time occupation working for NBC Environment, one of Europe's largest falconry companies as a full time Falconer.     This meant I got to fly my falcons & hawks 5 days a week as a deterrent on landfill/Industrial sites in and around Dorset as the Eco friendly way of controlling the numbers of Gulls, Pigeons and all other pest bird species that frequent these sites. 

For years there has been a growing interest in Birds of Prey and I used to get lots of requests to watch my birds of Prey fly but as most of my personal Falconry was then hunting on private land with permission of the landowners, it was not always possible to arrange. So over the last few years working with the Forestry Commission we have developed our "Hawk Walks" with our Harris Hawks at "Moor Valley Country Park",   just a nice walk in the woods with you flying our hawks!! 


We started in April 2016 with our weekend Hawk Walks here at moors valley &           in the spring of 2017 we started offering Hawk Walks 7 days a week.

In 2018 we introduced several more Owls into our crew for for handling and education events such as school visits.  These owls now often join Elvis on our visits the Care homes etc.

New for 2019 are the Bird of Prey workshops which we are doing on a regular basis at Moors Valley and other Nature centres around the area - dates to be announced !

Starting at Easter we will be taking bookings for our new evening "Owl flying Experiences" starting with several Owl evening walks at Moor valley with our new Star Sid the Snow Owl and Olaf our Barn Owl, watch out for more details, photos and prices  !! 


Now we offer even more Bird of Prey experiences that are totally personal to you !

                               FLYING - HANDLING - WATCHING - PERSONAL


                    Hawks In The Forest - Birds of Prey Experiences

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We use the term "Passive Hawking" as the best way to describe our Hawk Walks here inside the Forestry Commissions woodland. 


Moors Valley Country Park and Forest is a wildlife conservation site and has many indigenous species that are protected, that we also do not wish to disturb !  Our birds are trained and flown in a way to minimise the need for them to go hunting. We fly our hawks in this manner that shows off their natural ability and beauty without them having to hunt but still enjoying their time out flying.


Our hawk walks allows everyone to enjoy watching the hawks fly in this beautiful natural environment without impacting on any of the local wildlife. If your flying one of our a hawk or as a "Spectator" you will enjoy the fabulous flying these wonderful hawks provide and the awesome sights of them returning to the fist for a reward with the understanding that this is a totally Passive Hawking Experence. 




“Such a great experience. Seeing the hawks fly is amazing but being able to get a hands on feel for them is once something really special.”

“Had a great day with John and Gloria, the Harris Hawk. Would recommend to all and I will definitely be doing it again.”

“We had so much fun with Hawks in the Forest. Being able to Fly a Hawk is something I never thought I'd be able to do. I will be recommending to all my friends”