As the name suggests, it's all about a gentle stroll around the lovely Moors Valley Country Park with free flying Hawks following on in the trees and flying down to your gloved hand.

Our "Hawk Walks" are totally personal and aimed at Families, Small groups of Friends or Couples, Single Parent and a Child. Suitable for everybody from young to young at heart  


Each of our Hawk Walks are limited to only the people

or group booking that walk at that date and time ! 


For bigger groups of 8 plus, we fly 2 Hawks together to make

sure everybody gets loads of flights with our Hawks



  • I will contact you a couple of days before with details of where we will meet at Moor Valley Country Park.

  • On the day, we'll meet at the arranged point in Moors Valley Country Park for your Hawk walk !

  • We will introduce you to the hawk that we are flying and give you instructions on Hawk handling.


  • Your Hawk Walk will be personalised to suit you and your parties requirements ! 


  • We will then walk to the flying area for that day. Where everyone will have an opportunity to carry the Hawk if they wish before flying .

  • Once we have arrived at the area and we are prepared - the Hawk is then allowed to fly   FREE  !


Now the real fun begins!


The Hawk Walk


We set off along the pathways and trails of the woodland. The Harris Hawk will be following us, flying from tree to tree. You will then be given the opportunity to reward the bird with a reward either from your hand or post. Everyone can enjoy the thrill of the hawk's return.


The Hawk Walk will continue at a leisurely pace allowing you to enjoy the hawks in flight and rest. Each Harris Hawk in our family has its own personality and ability, we look forward to highlighting their skills and characters while on the walk.


The role of the participant does not allow for the opportunity to take photographs during the walk. It is very difficult to operate the shutter with a falconer's glove (spectators are welcome to snap away). With this in mind we will have dedicated photography area during the walk, you will be able to take these opportunity to get those hawk selfies and some flight shots for you to share your experience with loved ones and maybe get those great Facebook profile pictures if that's your thing.


With the flying finished and the hawk "fed up" we stroll back to the meeting point, while giving everybody the opportunity to carry the hawk and get that rare chance to be really close up to these magnificent creatures.

So that's our Hawk walk, now it's just up to you to book a walk - hawksintheforest@gmail.com

This is a the most "personal and natural Hawk Walk" that you can possible DO.


Our "Hawk Walk" differs from the "Falconry Experience"

due to its very limited numbers 

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