our introduction into getting you close to Birds of prey

Now as part of a group you get to meet and handle our Birds of Prey in the stunning surroundings at Moor Valley Country Park and then out into the Forestry Commissions woodlands you get to have one of our free flying Harris Hawks return from the tree tops down gently to your gloved hand.

This session lasts around 2 hours with our Owls and Hawks and is for people who want to enjoy that first time close up hands on Bird of Prey experience but have no falconry back ground or just want to get close to these wonderful creatures and enjoy the sheer thrill of them in free flight.

For the first hour you get to meet one of our stunning owls, to get close while they sit quietly on your gloved hand for that perfect photo or selfie. While eyeball to eyeball you can make friends with Marley the barn owl or Elvis the Eagle Owl in a never to be forgotten "Moment"

The second hour gets even better as we release one of our family of Harris hawks free into the trees, once on the wing everyone in the group is shown how to stand and how to call the hawk in for a treat (No Experience Needed)

Everybody gets to call the hawk to their gloved hand and watch the rest of the group do the same, even the most unsure person cannot but be in awe of this stunning sight of the hawk returning to our guest's gloved hand and everyone can do this !

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   Single person  £70 

       Couple  £140