control pest birds with our Birds of prey

We have Falcons and Hawks that have flown on Landfill sites, around Factories, Office Buildings and even Army Bases to scare away pest birds from scavenging, roosting and from nest building!

Using our free flying Avian Predators we tune into pest birds natural fear of being predated upon and thus making this area they are in, now unsafe and uninteresting.

From Gulls on roofs to pigeons in Warehouses helping to stop Bird droppings, Bird Noise and Nuisance Aggressive Birds, we can HELP with flying our Birds of Prey!

We visit and check out the problem and offer a solution with our Hawks if possible.

Private Homes

In response to the ever increasing number of Aggressive Gulls around private homes in the Bournemouth and Poole area we are now providing a personal one off visit with our hawks to help residents move these problem gulls off their property.   

If you think we can help, then please

call John on 07954 522843


For Companies, Restaurants, Café and open air Events. 

We offer a"CALL OUT SERVICE" with Birds of Prey.  

If you think we can help, then please call John on 07954 522843






















We can't show you what our Falcons and Hawks do at work with photos that would please everybody. 

So this is  an old Arty photo from me on a local landfill a few years ago!


Toyah & Gloria - ready to go to work
Ragga -  doing her thing